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The Bubis on Fernando Poo
A collection of articles published
in the colonial journal "Spanish Guinea"

By Father Antonio Aymemí
Missionary Son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
in the apostolic vicarage of Fernando Poo

Publication sponsored by
Juan Fontán y Lobé,
governor general of the Spanish territories
in the Gulf of Guinea,
and financed by the Office of Morocco and Colonies


     After their last meeting, when Reverend Father Antonio Aymemí delivered to the most excellent governor the original of this present work, God, our father, called to his servant to reward his forty-seven extremely fruitful apostolic years. The grateful homeland also honored its illustrious son by naming him director general of Morocco and colonies, a reward most fitting for his persistent and highly productive labor on behalf of the church and mother country.
     Father Aymemí went to heaven on Sept. 29, 1941; from there, he keeps watch, always with much care, over the souls of his beloved Bubis.
     On Jan. 21 of the current year, 1942, the most excellent Juan Fontán y Lobé was appointed by the august chief of state as director general of Morocco and colonies. From a position so elevated as deserved, and using more powerful connections, he will continue, untiring, the great work of cultivating the social, religious, and economic prosperity of that colony, Father Aymemí’s memory and affection carried innermost in his heart. He also will uphold with determination the efforts of his honored successor, the most excellent Mariano Alonso y Alonso, and those of the esteemed bishop, the Most Reverend Father Leoncio Fernández, who leads the phalanx of the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
The Procurator of the Missions 



     To the most excellent Francisco Franco Bahamonde, chief of the state of Spain, restorer of the homeland’s traditions and of the colonial sentiment, we have the honor to dedicate a modest colonial work, produced after more than forty-five years of living among the original race of Fernando Poo. If it sees the light of publication, it is owing to the generous encouragement of the esteemed colonist, the most excellent Juan Fontán y Lobé, governor general.
     Nothing is more natural than to give to your excellency this sincere homage of our admiration and our recognition. For you, most excellent sir, by your merits as statesman and soldier, and by lending your profound attention to the progressive development of the colony, have shown a supreme interest to have reappear the Africanist orientations of that great queen who was called Isabel the Catholic.
     He responds to our affection for your personage, to the homage of our loyalty to your high representation, and to your work. This simple homage is rendered with pleasure on behalf of the missions of Fernando Poo.
-The Author
Santa Isabel, Fernando Poo
August, 1941